August 30, 2016, 12:48 pm

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Anand Mishra

Anand Mishra, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, is the CEO of Star Infranet, which is the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited. He contributed to the rapid development of the company and he deserves all the credit regarding the company’s performance and reputation.

The success of one company depends on its online marketing strategy, which needs to be carefully planned by a professional. Also, as being present in the online world is inevitable, every company should have a professionally created and designed digital space. Mr. Anand Mishra understood this and, with the lot of effort, made it happen. Both India News and the NewsX channel have rapidly developed and improved, at least compared to other media industries. In 2010, Mr. Anand Mishra became a huge part of the company, and as a director, he influenced the construction of a digital space for all divisions of the ITV Network.

Becoming a professional in IT industry is a title he deserved, as he has been investing a lot of knowledge and time in creating the niche for himself. Because of all the experience he previously gained, which includes consulting top travel companies in India, and thanks to his determination and hard-working, he succeeded in building a remarkable reputation for many companies.

Under his company, Star Infranet, he managed to successfully launch the online division of India News and NewsX, which are now the leading news channels in India. Moreover, this launch included a remarkable newspaper, The Sunday Guardian, which is well-known around the world and, it efficiently delivers news on a daily basis.

Nowadays, Mr. Anand Mishra, the recognized director of Star Infranet, trademark of Tathastu Information Technology, has partnered with a global brand in order to launch a chain of Delhi NCR Restaurants. With the investments from the FDI, which is 50 Crores (USD 8.4 million), and the knowledge of Mr. Anand Mishra, it is certain that the final outcome will be successful, performed in the best possible manner.


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