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Saturday, 08 March 2014 18:20   Edited by Kirti Dwivedi | Updated: 06:15 IST

Live: Narendra Modi hold's `Chai Pe Charcha` on women empowerment

New Delhi, March 8: Today's Chai pe charcha with Narendra Modi will be as special as the Womens' Day. The second round of the 'Charcha', organised across India, will deal with women empowerment, apart from issues related to women. This interactive session will throw light on a host of topics related to women and the challenges they are facing in different aspects of life.

Highlights: Modi's memorable speeches

5:04 pm: For running the country, we need to work unitedly. We have to respect our country's diversity. I have seen how Vajpayee worked as a unit in the Centre. Arrogance and attitude of the Centre as the 'giver' is not acceptable. And we will change it.

5:07pm: What is happening to the women here is not acceptable and a shame for a country. We have to save women and girls and that's how we build the country. We have to change the perspective toward women. She is not just a homemaker, but also a nation builder and then can only earn the respect of the world.

5:11 pm: Poor should be empowered and so should the women be. And whenever we have given a woman a chance, we have got results.

5:14 pm: We have been buying things from outside. We have to remove that. Now, India should produce and the world will buy. We will take technology and culture together. My Idea of India is "Ahimsa Parmodharma", "Satyamev Jayate", "vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je" "Nari tu narayani".

5:29 pm: I would not ask you to vote for me, but Vote for India for better governance, better life, food, for the poor.

5:30 pm: People from 1500 locations will be discussing women empowerment with Narendra Modi. On the panel are Kiran Bedi and Ashok Mallik.

Chai pe Charcha: Challenges facing Indian women

5:38 pm: Women's health and infanticide People come up with problems regarding inefficient healthcare centre, education and awareness.Main problem persist due to lack of education.

5:41 pm: Cottage industries and women

Women engaged with cottage industries have a problem with marketing their products, technical knowhow and legal liabilities. Women self-help group suggest that there should be centres that help them teach technology. Kiran Bedi suggests that schools and colleges that shut at 3pm should start evening education for women. In villages, the panchayats and that rural development officers can help.

5:45 pm: Anjum Chopra on Sports and women

The former captain of women's cricket team, she said that women should participate more in sports. She says that women should be encouraged in sports and family should support too. The perspective of women in sports should change. Shuma Saroor, ace shooter who went to the finals of the Olympics, shares her story and says that it was not easy for her to choose the game. She blames society and the way people think about women. She also highlights that financial independence is necessary for women who have to chase their dreams. It is also important to manage the financial independence, says Kiran Bedi.

5:55 pm: Modi arrives at 'Chai pe charcha' in Delhi and people will ask him questions about various issues.

6:01 pm: I greet all women on International Women's Day today. Let us discuss about the dreams and the realities of women. I am thankful to technology that I am able to speak to lakhs of sisters across the country. If these sisters are determined that they would take care of India's destiny, all vote banks would fail. Please register yourself for voting tomorrow on 9th March when the Election Commission has organised a voters' registration.

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