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Friday, 27 February 2015 14:28   Written by Charnamrit Sachdeva

PM Narendra Modi addresses Lok Sabha during Budget session

NEW DELHI: In the ongoing Budget session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Lok Sabha to debate on the address given by the President. This is the first speech of Modi in Parliament during the Budget session.

Here are the highlights of the speech:

  • Modi responds to the discussion on notion of thanks to President’s address
  • Issue is not of scheme names, but development: Narendra Modi
  • Instead of schemes, we have only inherited problems, says Modi
  • The debate has been very good where some Members of Parliament have expressed their thoughts and many others have sent their views in writing as well, Modi said.
  • The President talked about the speed and direction of the development measures taken for India in his speech.
  • While many members would be wishing on what if this happened, what if that happened, I only see all of this very positively: Modi
  • Let’s look for solutions, instead of petty schemes, says PM Modi
  • PM Modi pitches for development, nor arguments in his speech in Lok Sabha.
  • Expectations are essential as they lead to a solution, he says.
  • PM Modi answers charges of ‘renaming’ previous government schemes
  • Cleanliness plays a big role in women development, says Modi.
  • When I talk about Swachhata Abhiyaan, I keep in mind the poor who fall sick due to dirty or unhygienic surroundings.
  • PM Modi tears into UPA's flagship scheme MNREGA, says MNREGA an example of UPA's failure
  • Don’t bring politics over schemes that serve the poor, says Modi.
  • PM Modi to UPA: MNREGA is a living example of your failure
  • Modi compares MNREGA with Land Bill.
  • Corruption must not be discussed in context of politics, Modi said
  • I believe corruption free service can be developed, says Modi.
  • Corruption has ruined nation: Modi
  • If we join hands, we can combat corruption: PM Modi.
  • Opposition must feel happy that the Opposition and Government agree on policies and measures: Modi.
  • We need to integrate each Indian into Swachhta Abhiyaan, says Modi.
  • We are trying to address ‘old problems’ that we have inherited: Modi said
  • We talk a lot about farmers, but should we not actually address their issues than talking about them? Modi asked.
  • We talked about the united efforts against black money and drug trafficking in G20 summit, says the PM.
  • We are not playing bitter politics. We have already assured that who so ever is involved in the black money will be exposed, he said.
  • When the new government was formed, SIT was formed in the first Cabinet meeting. I congratulate Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for his continuous efforts to speak to Swiss authorities and convince them to give us the information: PM Modi adding that this is the biggest achievement that we have forced the country to talk on black money. Despite the SC directives, an SIT was not formed by the previous government.
  • If the state police is driven, then grey areas are minimum: Modi
  • Governments come and go; a nation is made with people and their strength: Modi said.
  • Corruption is the root of all problems of our society in a current age: Modi
  • The process for making toilets for 60,000 to 65,000 girls is complete, Modi said.
  • The Jan Dhan Yojana was announced on August 15 by us and the poject was completed well in time, says Modi.
  • Poor are always on our mind and we do not play politics over them. We think over how we can do good for them, Modi said.
  • I met a scientist on stem cell during my visit to Japan. I met him to find a problem to the sickle cell anemia that our tribals are suffering and stem cell has a hope for treatment to this. Our scientists are now working on the same, Modi says.
  • We do not want to cancel out what you have done in the past; we just need to complete what has been left undone. We need your support, says Modi.
  • It is not our responsibility to correct the wrong things that have been done. We need your support to add some changes, If there is someone who feels that there is anything against the farmers in the Land Bill, we are ready to make changes, says Modi.
  • Northeast has immense scope of development. It can even become an organic capital. I am visiting the North East quite often, says Modi.
  • I do not visit the North east with a political intention. I only go to understand the scope of development there: Modi.
  • I want Eastern regions as developed as rest of the country: Modi
  • Let us stop the unnecessary expenditure so that the money can reach the poor: PM Modi
  • We believe in unity. All communities need to fight collectively against terrorism: Modi
  • Nobody can discriminate on the basis of community, says Modi.
  • My government has only one religion that is ‘The Constitution of India’: PM Modi.
  • My government has only one religion that is ‘India First: PM Modi.
  • My government has only one style of working, '’sabka saath sabka vikaas’, the PM Modi said.

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