June 28, 2017, 9:04 pm

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Online Marketing Provided by Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited

Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited (Founded by Anand Mishra) is offering the services of online marketing, which is definitely not an easy job. With their professional team of highly qualified experts, they manage to perform this job successfully. It has been bought by Information TV Private Limited, which has helped the team to invest more in their projects in order to expand their business.

The company isn’t only a recognized brand in the IT industry in India, but also, it is becoming more popular around the world. They launched digital spaces for news channels NewsX and India News, which made them present in the online world. The CEO of the company, Anand Mishra, understood the importance of digital marketing and in what way it should be conducted. Therefore, the digital spaces improved the marketing strategy of these two news channels and developed their reputation.

It is the parent company of Star Infranet, which has started in 2009 and now, it counts more than 4,000 dealers across India. Moreover, an except for web services, it additionally provides its customers with various discounts, e-vouchers and virtual private servers.

Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited started with a small group of people, and eventually developed into a well-known web services company. Almost all websites that this company created won various awards for the aesthetics and the main design of the site. Moreover, every digital space should be made in a way that it provides its customers with the best navigation system. Design attracts people, however, it should be easy to use, and you need a lot of skill to make this possible. The company’s team proved their expertise when the web sites they created won awards for best web navigation.

The award for best website went to Tathastu Information Technology Pvt. Ltd, which has shown with its accomplishments and acknowledgments that they definitely deserved it.

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NewsX News Channel available on:
Dish TV – Channel No 608
DD Direct Plus – Channel No 51
Also available on: Siti , Hathway, In Cable, Digi Cable, Den, SCV